The Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment Industry:

This industry would never be able to exist if it wasn't for the action cameras. We watch Olympics with such great enthusiasm, we watch channels like national geographic, discovery and so on. These are the very fields where we definitely need our action cameras. That high resolution shot video where the car race seems so real is because of the action cameras.

We see all the adventure shows being hosted where someone is sky diving, how do you think we get to see the diver every other second. It seems like someone follows the diver with the camera, but with the presence of action cameras it gets possible. The divers can just attach a action camera with their bodies and poof they go.

Since we are talking about the entertainment industry, let's look into some movies which used drones just to make successful entertainments products.

1. Skyfall in the year 2012

The first aerial footage in any bond movie. They used a drone i their opening sequence and that led to the boom in the demand for drones.

2. Wolf of Wall Street

The movie captured an aerial view of the pool Using Canon c500 along with a Convergent Design Gemini for 4K

3. The Expendables 3 (2014)

This was an action movie where they used a lot of explosives. Cumulatively they shot 30 scenes from this movie using drones with the help of the company ZM Interactive. The company also helped other movies have such scenes with drone footage, such as Homefront and Sparks. When the company was interviewed, they said that since it was an action movie and had a lot of explosions or running away scenes, shooting them with drones made them seem highly realistic.

4. Chappie

A South-African movie having maximum scenes being shot using a drone. This happened because one of the character's perspective, which was a robot, was shot using a drone. When the director was interviewed and asked about the experience, he admitted that if the scenes were shot using a helicopter, the scenes wouldn't be as lively as they seemed to be. The movie also used many small drones to depict humans.

5. Spectre (2015)

A drone ariel footage company shot all the Ariel scene for this movie, the company being HFS (Helicopter Film Services) . They shot the drone scenes in London where they had to take permission from Civil Aviation Authority before shooting the scenes.

The company shot drone scenes for Avengers ( Age of Ultron) , Into the Woods, The Huntman's Winter War and a few more. So this company runs on the revenue made by using drone in the hollywood.

6. Jurassic World

Team 5 Aerial System Rentals did the job for this movie. We see tons of companies now thriving via drones to shoot for movies, because the movies want to provide a higher definition to their scenes, which is easily possible using the drones.

The Team 5 Aerial System Rental has also worked with movies like Straight Outta Compton, The Purge, Taken 3 and San Andreas.

7. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Pictorvision and Helicopter Film Services (HFS) did the job for civil war together.

8. Game of Thrones Commercial

Skynamic provided with the service of using drones. They used immense number of drones to shoot their commercial, but what bothered the channel the most was the fact that those drones were not controlled by crew members, rather by private workers.

Surprisingly enough USA had a blanket ban on using drones in the film industry from 2011 till 2014. Movies still reached up to the companies and used drones, however not making it public. After all everyone realizes the perks of having a drone to shoot!         

We see how cyclists cycle in some really rough places and we see action cameras capturing every tiny details of it. Surfing and all other activities that includes running around, moving a lot, that is exactly when we need our action cameras with different features. Under such circumstances, some people would perhaps prefer action cameras with  water resistant, dust proof and shock resistant feature. On the contrary, for people who shoot indoors, maybe to have tutorials on interiors and such, have nothing to do with those particular properties. They would want action cameras with WiFi connectivity, bluetooth connectivity and the ability to edit and share easily via phone. Thus, we have a wide range of properties in different action cameras catering to the need of different kinds of consumers.