Looks & Luts color grading and color correction LUTs packages

Creative Luts Packages for color grading

Looks&Luts offers color grading and color correction luts packages that you can use to give your footage cinematic and professional looks to change and enhance your color tones.

We have luts packages for aerial, action, video, photo to cover all your needs.

A Lut or Lookup Table is a document that adjusts colors in pictures and video, replaces a few colors with each other, or maps diverse color spaces.

It’s normally used to perceive how colors are seen on a screen/computerized projector or how to adjust them in color grading or color correction. like color presets.

Luts perform pixel to pixel adjusting giving a high precision while changing hue, contrast, luminance, and saturation as well.

These LUTs (3D LUT/1D LUT) are perfect for numerous applications and utilized both as a part of the picture and video footage post-processing.

color grading and color correction Luts packages


Luts are tools you can use to start your color grading your next video as presets color profiles you can use not only in video but also in photography.

Our LUTs packages are both technical for specific cameras and Rec 709 that you can use in any camera with few adjustments and are compatible with any software that accepts 3D LUTs as Davinci resolve, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects.

Our color grading packages will guarantee to show you how to make a beautiful video with a great look!

How to use

Many video editing applications can apply LUTs, you just have to load a LUT file to apply a look, it’s very simple and fun too!
Give your video a new look even cinematic instead of the standard Rec 709.

Advanced Workflow

With a LUT you can enhance your video with a look from Log or Rec 709 video footage in your editing or grading software and then tweak it as you like by changing white balance, color temperature, or grading cinematically to give the mood you want.

Logs & Rec709

You can make your video in Log or Protune flat in case of GoPro cameras to have more dynamic range and then after converted your footage with a technical Lut to Rec 709 you can further apply another Lut to improve your color grading as you like it.